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Collectors accumulate  extra stamps at an alarming rte. Often identified as duplicates, these extra stamps can be a great source of funds when sold to then spend on needed stamps.

Selling stamps, however, is a difficult task. Although there are many methods to sell, the first activity is to identify these stamps correctly.

When a stamp has a good catalog value, say over a dollar, someone may need it. By placing the stamp in a holder with identification improves the chance of a sale.

Stamps worth a lesser value are often grouped as a mixture or donated. A mixture can sell for a penny a stamp. But many collectors like to sort through mixtures for the fun of identification.

When a better stamp is identified, there are several methods to sell. But finding a person who needs the better stamp my take some time.

The Port St Lucie Stamp Club Auction presents an opportunity to realize some money from a sale to then use to buy needed items. HERE is a detailed approach to selling on ebay.